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call-solidarity-refugees-durdeThe number of Syrians who took refuge in Turkey has exceeded 2 million. Syrian refugees are not only fleeing from a terrible war, but they are also fleeing from the air attacks of the Assad dictatorship, massacres of the ISIS, executions, rapes and hunger. The refugees seeking refuge in Turkey are not given refugee status defined by the international conventions. They are forced to remain in the country without having some basic human rights; as well as they are increasingly exposed to the nasty racist attacks.

Recently, the beached lifeless body of 3 year old Alan Kurdi has revealed the hypocrisy of the governments about the refugee crisis. But the image of the toddler at the same time has increased the solidarity amongst human rights activists. We are witnessing the solidarity demonstrations in all over Europe. People pouring streets are welcoming the refugees with the slogans of “Refugees Welcome!”.

The humanitarian tragedy of the refugees is an international issue and the only solution is the solidarity and common struggle of the peoples of the world.

Accordingly, we have to strengthen and widen our efforts of solidarity with the refugees which we have been already carrying out in Turkey.

Now its high-time to act for our demands: Ensure the return to “open door” policy and let any refugee – regardless of their nationality or belief – to cross the borders freely! End the violent treatment of refugees in the border! Equal rights to all refugees with the citizens of the Turkey!

Now its high-time to initiate a mass campaign in order to attain internationally recognized refugee status and working permit; betterment of their living conditions and preventing their deportations, as well as prevent racial aggressions.

In this context, we call to all refugee activists from Turkey, Syria and other countries to gather around these objectives. We need to discuss about the steps to be taken for urgent action plans.

For the activists of the Turkey, it is significantly important to build this campaign – not on behalf of the refugees but – together with the refugees. Our call intends to establish solidarity with the refugees, not providing aid for them.

To this end, we invite everyone to participate in our forum which we are organizing on Thursday, 10 September 2015.
After the Activists Forum, we are going to organize a demonstration starting from Tünel Square to the Galatasaray Sequare on the September 12, Saturday, which will be part of the solidarity activities taking place all over the Europe under the moto of “Refugees Welcome!” We are ready to cooperate with all concerned civilian organizations and initiatives.


» The Activists Forum: Common struggle perspectives  for the solidarity

Date: Thursday, 10 September 2015
Time: 1900hrs
Venue: Coffee O’clock
Address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Kadife Sokak, No: 30, Kadıköy – Istanbul
Facebook Event Pagehttps://goo.gl/UuIYTz

» International Solidarity March: Open the Borders: Refugees Welcome!

Date: Saturday, 12 September 2015
Time: 1730hrs
Starting point: Tünel Meydanı (Square), Istanbul
Facebook Event Page: https://goo.gl/z4v5aO

DurDe, “Say stop to Racism and Nationalism” Platform
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