DurDe’s position on some political issues in Turkey


Kurdish Issue: DurDe sees the solution of the “Kurdish issue” as a part of the democratization process in Turkey. It takes the issue as a whole with Kurdish political leadership, militarism, people’s demands, economic issues and cultural dimensions. It supports the democratic and cultural demands of the Kurdish people, primarily those on mother tongue, freedom of speech and participation in the political process. DurDe believes that as long as the issue remains unresolved, the political climate in Turkey will favour far-right groups and the militarist approaches.

The Headscarf Issue: Muslim women wearing a headscarf in Turkey are regarded by elitist ‘secularists’ as a threat to the Kemalist regime and the headscarf is therefore banned in certain public spaces (such as universities). This restriction keeps young Muslim women away from universities and certain public spaces. DurDe opposes this and supports, as for all other beliefs, Muslim women’s freedom to act according to their beliefs. DurDe believes the state should not interfere in individuals’ clothing and religious practices.

The Armenian Issue: About 60,000 Armenians who live in Turkey are occasionally caught captive by diplomatic relations between Turkey and Armenia, and face discrimination on different levels. The Armenian State’s and Turkish Armenians’ attitude towards recognition of the “great catastrophe” as a genocide, which caused about 1.5 million people’s death in 1915, plays an important role in this issue. DurDe believes that the 1915 events can be recognized as genocide as described in the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. DurDe is against the denial of the issue and any sort of ban or prevention on discussions by the general public. DurDe has a clear attitude against the discrimination suffered by Turkish Armenians and defends a peaceful dialogue with the Armenian State.

Militarism and Democracy: The political and social weight of the army in Turkey is more intensive than should be in any democratic regime. This is a drawback for the democratization process of the country. DurDe supports a democratization process where the army is supervised by civilian authorities.

Racism and Nationalism: DurDe has a clear stand against all kinds of racism, nationalism, ethnic discrimination and hate crimes.

Anti-Semitism: Anti-Semitism in Turkey is at a high level. Attitudes towards Israel can easily slip into anti-Semitism even among leftist and anti-war groups in Turkey. DurDe has a clear stand against all kinds of anti-Semitism.

Islamophobia and Freedom of Belief: Although an important part of the population believes in Islam, Islamophobic attitudes can be observed, especially among the Kemalists. On the other hand, formal approaches towards other religious groups can sometimes result in the repression of the freedom of belief. DurDe is for freedom of belief for all religious groups and is against state interference in religious affairs.

Hate Crimes: DurDe has a clear position against hate crimes and hate speech. It works to bring hate crimes to the attention of civil society organizations, the media, public bodies and politicians.

Minorities: Turkey has a rich ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity. Even though the formal state politics lean towards homogenizing and assimilation and languages of minorities are repressed, DurDe regards diversity as richness and stands against all kinds of cultural and ethnic repressions towards minority groups. DurDe is for freedom of expression of all kinds of identities.

[As of of 2014]

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