Founding call of DurDe


Say Stop to Racism and Nationalism!

As we know from historical experiences, racism as an ideology enemy to mankind, has always gone with bloodshed and been used for the benefits of a small ruling minority.

Turkey is being pushed into a nationalist and racist upsurge that is ascending in the last years.

Becoming gradually ordinary, and legitimized by institutional structures, racism is penetrating into all areas of our lives. We realized once more after Hrant Dink murder that there are armed gangs which are ready to take action and they are being supported by certain political parties and some parts of state bureaucracy.

However, these marginal groups constitute just a small minority. The big majority who don’t approve of racism and nationalism are silent. The leading fact is to meet this silent majority and to find ways to come into action together. Hrant’s funeral makes a good example for this.

Today, during which we are expressing in global level that another world is possible, we should convict the mentality which turns people up against each other through the concepts ‘race’, ‘nation’ and ‘homeland’. What is implied by different words such as nationalism, patriotism and public spirit is the same thing indeed. All of them end in racism and discrimination. Leaning against nationalism through the left or the right wing always makes the extremely nationalists more powerful.

However, no nation and no human is superior to another. Being together despite our differences is our richness. We should be able to scream this in our loudest tones and imprison in public conscience whoever deprecates this.

We’ve come together for this purpose and set out for meeting everybody who agrees with the idea “Say STOP to racism!”, hanging together and struggling with them. We want to fight for a Turkey and a world where racism is considered crime, our children are educated with books free from all kinds of racist ideas, and where nobody’s cultural, political, religious and sexual identity causes them live in fear.

We wish to come together and take permanent steps with those who say “I’m against racism and nationalism.”

[Published in February, 2007]

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